Day Hiking Adventure – Flatirons

Sam and I have finally started at our new jobs in Denver and wow we are busy now. I forgot how tiring working all day is! But I am loving my new job, I’ve been stationed with the MAC cosmetics counter and I did my first makeover with them yesterday! It was so much fun, I forgot how much I love doing makeovers. Hopefully I will get certified with them soon so I can do more!

Today though, Sam and I both had the day off! We were both up early this morning, so we decided to do a day hike! The first time I ever hiked was with my dad and stepmom and siblings in Arkansas. It was such a pretty trail, I still have some of the pictures from the disposable camera my parents had bought for all three of us. It would have been more fun if we had been in any way prepared to hike on that vacation and if I had packed anything other than $5 Old Navy flip flops to wear for shoes.

Luckily, I learned my lesson seven ish years ago and was slightly more prepared for this hike (I did forget sunscreen and we are now both a lovely red color). We drove to Boulder and hiked at the Flatirons Vista Trailhead path, but I am pretty sure we wandered into some Eldorado Canyon trails… It was so fun! We were unsure what the hype was about hiking, since everyone here does it, and we completely understand now! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!! The pictures I’m about to share don’t do these gorgeous mountains any justice, especially since I am still working with iPhones (so sorry, I promise I’m working on it!). This was also free! Which was definitely a plus since we are still operating on a tight budget.

This is gonna be a pretty picture heavy post, enjoy!
 photo 2015-06-282012.44.36_zpsu7jeacvl.jpg

 photo File Jun 28 8 57 39 PM_zpskc1nm8dk.jpeg

^A storm was hanging out in the mountains! We got a little rain; it felt so good! It was super cool to see and walk through where the storm just stopped.

 photo 2015-06-28 13.06.34_zpsu97svzka.jpg

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.57.40_zpsn55wn7e8.jpg

^The water in this creek was SO clear and cold. I wish I could have swam in it haha

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.57.29_zps2hosuio6.jpg

^So cute 😉

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.51.37_zpspjcqhp2n.jpg

^Sam carried my VS Pink backpack filled with hot water bottles the whole time :p

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.50.33_zpsryhjzvot.jpg

^The dandelions were the size of my hand!! So crazy. (Sorry for my nail polish)

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.47.10 HDR-2_zpsdvlntrxb.jpg

 photo 2015-06-28 12.46.11_zpsrceefl94.jpg

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.44.46_zpsgfxyqskz.jpg

yes photo File Jun 28 9 00 14 PM_zpse2vzycgr.jpeg

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.43.26_zps5ay8ypyg.jpg

^I’m still just in awe over these pictures and just how amazing the mountains are. I’m in love.

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.38.56_zpsbbihbskg.jpg

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.35.09_zpsuhnberyu.jpg

yes photo 2015-06-28 12.34.30-1_zpsnn6slesg.jpg

^These last two are my favorites I think

yes photo File Jun 28 9 03 53 PM_zpskfe6gpi2.jpeg

yes photo File Jun 28 9 04 35 PM_zpsxfscu99u.jpeg

We had the best time! I can’t wait to go again, hopefully on a week day when it will be less crowded. What are your favorite hikes? Let me know in the comments!

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