A Letter to my Love

 photo A Letter to myLove_zpsep8h0e5n.png
image source, edit by me.
Three years!

That’s crazy to me. It feels like we have known each other for a million years. We have only just begun! How lucky am I to have found the person I want to grow old and grey with at 17? You derailed my life in the best possible way. Being with you makes me want to be more, because you know what I am capable of, you push me to be better. You’re level headed and responsible and you bring me down to earth. You keep me tethered. You put yourself aside to make me happy and I’m forever grateful to you. You open up to me completely and it makes me love you even more every time you do.

Being so committed so young is underrated. Growing with you is the most beautiful blessing I could have ever imagined. Instead of listening to the stories about your twenties ten years from now trying to soak up every detail and wishing I had those years to spend with you, I get to be in the stories. I don’t have to wish for these years with you because I already have them. I get to experience every milestone, every triumph and every failure and I will always be rooting for you. I’m your number one fan, and I know you’re mine. You support everything I do, I can’t tell you how much that means to me.

I love how passionate you are about the things you love, you don’t do things half-heartedly. I love how smart you are, and I love how much you love Jesus. I love how much you love your baby siblings, I know you’re going to be an amazing dad one day in 9 years. 😉 I love when you roll over to find me in your sleep and when you give me foot massages without me asking. I love how much you love me and want to provide for me. You’re the most genuine person I’ve ever met and you care so deeply about the people you love. You’re an outstanding human being and I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am that you have chosen me to give yourself to. I am so excited to spend the rest of our lives together learning and growing and stumbling and falling and picking each other back up again. We are a team, and there’s no one else I would want to do life with.

 photo 2015-05-12 21.01.43_zpssbw9h5dc.jpg

Making sure we had a sweet dinner together even though our whole apartment was packed into the
Jeep 🙂

 photo 2015-05-23 15.13.00_zpsenrycbwz.jpg

Loving on Sam’s sweet baby brother, Dru, at the Denver Aquarium!

 photo 2015-06-10 12.59.58-2_zpsnhrjfajo.jpg

I’m always making him take pictures with me in the car, even if he’s eating a banana and not paying attention to me 😉

 photo 2015-03-17 14.46.06_zps9kvxh3bf.jpg

The first time we landed in Denver together when we came to look for apartments over spring break! One of my favorite pictures of us. We were so excited, you can see it in our faces!

 photo 2014-12-24 18.39.44-1_zpsyooolnzx.jpg

An extra blurry Christmas picture ft. our fur babies, Dale and Lil Kitty (they’ll have their own posts soon, don’t worry). This was the first Christmas we had spent by ourselves away from our families because of our jobs. It was tough, but we made the best of it, and I loved spending my Christmas with just our little family.

 photo 2014-05-31 19.59.14_zpsa37rdygy.jpg

And finally, a throwback from last year right after our two year anniversary in Key West with Sam’s family. We look like babies compared to now! Especially Sam.

I love you I love you I love you (nightman)

(If anyone gets that reference comment below because you’re my new best friend)

Happy three years with so many more to go!

Thanks for reading my sappy anniversary post, leave some of the things you love about your significant other in the comments!

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