Five Things You Need from Trader Joe’s

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I love looking at all the fresh flowers as soon as I walk in the door!
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I always love grocery shopping when we go to Trader Joe’s. Which is about twice a week, sometimes more. We can’t stay away! We do have to go more often to buy groceries since we don’t drive as much anymore, and we can only buy what we are willing to carry the half mile walk home. It has been an interesting adjustment, but I am so grateful for it! Walking a mile every time we need groceries has helped us so much with adjusting our bodies to the elevation, and it gets us out of the apartment. Summer in Denver is absolutely beautiful. It’s always sunny and breezy and never too hot. I love being outside now! I do realize that this will change come fall, but I’m going to soak up all the sunshine I can before experiencing my first real fall season. In Texas the seasons just shift from summer to extreme summer straight to winter and then you have a week of spring and it’s back to summer! Sometimes summer likes to sneak into winter’s time and you get a nice pool day right before Christmas Eve. You really just never know.

So, while we still have this beautiful weather I am going to walk to Trader Joe’s as many times as I can. I want to fill my apartment with the flowers and succulents and herbs they have set up as soon as you walk in. I want to try things I’ve never heard of and would never think of tying until Trader Joe’s made it into something yummy. I want to eat more nutritiously. One of my favorite things about Denver that I didn’t think would matter to me at all before I moved here is the amount of affordable organic groceries. I feel like I’ve been getting ripped off my entire life in Texas. My body feels better and I’m able to eat full meals that are actually satisfying and keep me from getting hungry again two hours later. I feel good about the stores that we buy from and the food we are putting into our bodies, which has become extremely important to me lately.

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Five Things You Need from Trader Joe’s:
Kettle Corn
Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Ravioli
Blueberry and Pomegranate Green Tea
Trader Giotto’s Alfredo Sauce
Gone Bananas (frozen chocolate covered banana bites!)

These things are staples that come home with me almost every time I leave Trader Joe’s. The ravioli is my favorite of all I think. Sam will eat just that for dinner even though it doesn’t have any meat in it! He is very much a meat and potatoes boy, even though he doesn’t look it. The goat cheese is so rich that one package is enough to fill us both up. I also love buying chicken from Trader Joe’s because it’s organic! I have definitely left Walmart or HEB before and gotten home only to find some not so yummy looking chicken breasts and just had to throw them away. SO much money wasted on sub par meats, and recently the FDA reported that up to 70% of the chicken (not organic from my understanding) being sold had dangerously high levels of arsenic. Yuck! It makes a lot of sense now. I feel good about buying meats from TJ’s because it’s all organic.

So there’s my ode to Trader Joe’s. It’s never a chore to grocery shop anymore and I’m eating better than ever! Also, how adorable are these reusable Colorado themed grocery bags??

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Leave some of your TJ’s favorites in the comments!

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