About Me! TX // CO

Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by Lashes & Life!

This blog is going to be somewhere for me to archive my new life in Colorado. I want to remember everything! I always find myself leaving a place or event wishing I had documented it in some way, wishing I had somewhere beautiful to document it. This blog is to document everything; daily life in the heart of downtown Denver for a 20 year old girl, beauty tips and products, relationships, things that inspire me, personal entries, etc. I hope you decide to stick around and figure out how to be an adult with me!

My name is McKayla, I’m freshly 20 and a recent transplant from Texas to Colorado.


Some of My Favorite Things:

My boyfriend
My two sweet cats
All things beauty
Planning in my Kikki K
Living in the city!

I was born and raised outside of Dallas, Texas in a decently sized college town. (My hometown recently made quite a splash ).  I moved to central Texas to go to college at Texas State University in San Marcos, just outside of Austin. I was the most excited I have ever been about anything, but by the time I got there, I felt like I had outgrown the sleazy typical “college experience”. The parties I did try to go to were grimy and sweaty and crawling with sweaty frat boys trying to hand you lukewarm 4Lokos to a Diplo song played by a “dj” (read: pledge). Not exactly my idea of a good time. I ended up hating the school and the town (for good reasons which I may or may not put into a post one day). I had been in a relationship for over a year (which I am still in today) and going out just didn’t appeal to me anymore. I will always pick snuggling up with my boyfriend and watching Parks and Recreation for the millionth time over going out.

We moved in together after my first year of college was over and I was out of student housing. We moved into a crappy apartment on the Guadalupe River and I got my first job at a makeup counter.While I went to school, I worked for Benefit Cosmetics which caused me to fall head over heels for the beauty industry. I loved everything about it! Being surrounded by makeup is my heaven. But my job was the only thing about an entire year that was good. My boyfriend and I hated living where we were and were starting to get fed up with living in Texas in general (we are both bleeding liberals, so you can imagine how Texas became a hard place to live in as of late).

One night we decided to look up how expensive it is to live in cities we both agreed would be amazing to live in. We looked at a few outrageous dreams first (Dubai, London, various tropical islands…) and then we thought about Denver. Neither of us had ever been, but from all of the pictures and blogs and articles we read on the internet in search of any and every detail about this city, it seemed like a phenomenal place to live. We started to think about Denver less in an abstract and more as a possibility. The more we researched apartment rates and minimum wages and job availability, we started to see that living in Denver could actually be a reality for us. We looked at schools in Denver, and they had everything either of us would ever want to major in.

We made the decision to move states after talking to our families together, and it has been the absolute best thing we have ever done. Living in such a central location has been saving us so much money and making us so much happier than we were living in Texas. We are so blessed that my boyfriend (whose name is Sam btw) has such fantastic parents who are willing to support us financially through this move and finding jobs. Jobs we both start in the coming week! Very exciting. In the fall Sam is going back to college for his mechanical engineering degree and I am going to Paul Mitchell to get my esthetician license and then returning to finish my college degree in business in the fall of 2016.

So to end this outrageously long inaugural post, here are a couple pictures of downtown from our walk to the post office to send off our Father’s Day cards to Texas! They’re just iPhone pictures, so I do apologize. I’m working on getting a DSLR camera hopefully within a month or so! So just bear with me for a bit 🙂




(sorry for the minimal makeup and third day hair in the last picture, but I still think we are a pretty cute couple 😉 )

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